S1:E3 – “Kill Me Now”

Rory and her grandfather enjoy a glorious day of golf, making Lorelai feel left out; the inn hosts a double wedding with two sets of identical twins.

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As in: “So says Plato, and so say I.”
Basically, Richard's a smartypants.

This reference is definitely a testament to Richard Gilmore’s intelligence. He’s comparing himself to the great philosopher Plato, and who could argue that? Since there is so much history and information on Plato and his writings, I’ll let you dive in if you choose outside this entry, and you can start here.

As in: “If Rory goes and has a good time without you, then I win.” “Okay Bob Barker.”
Get your pets spayed and neutered!

Bob Barker famously hosted The Price is Right for 35 years, and was also known for his animal-rights activism – you might recall him reminding you to spay and neuter your pets at the end of each episode. The Price is Right will come back to GG in a much bigger way later in the series than this one-off line from Lorelai comparing her mother to Bob Barker. This line kind of sums up Lorelai and Emily’s one-upper approach to their relationship. It’s all about winning, and in this case, about winning Rory’s time and affection. Something Lorelai is very defensive about, especially when it comes to her parents who she personally removed from most of Rory’s life.

As in: “I’d rather surgically alter my face to look like the lunatic rich lady with the lion head than go to the club with you.”
Jocelyn Wildenstein, surgically-altered Cat Lady.

This a reference to Jocelyn Wildenstein, nicknamed the “Cat Lady”, who surgically altered her face to look like a feline. If you think you just had a #smh moment reading that sentence, then you should watch this YouTube video chronicling her plastic surgery transformations to a song that is very fitting and will have you laughing out loud wherever you’re reading this from.

As in: “I’ll send up some wine and a masseuse who bears a remarkable resemblance to Antonio Banderas.
Antonio Banderas, masked man of Becky's dreams. ...Sorry, Chris.

Who doesn’t love them some Antonio Banderas? Desperado, anyone? Or how about that dancing in the fountain scene from Evita, all wet and gorgeous, or the masked Zorro, or… Oh, sorry, is someone reading this? Letting my thoughts get away from me. Thinking about Puss in Boots now…much, much less sexy. But entertaining, I’ll give him that. I’ve embedded some links for your viewing pleasure, because do you really care when he was born or who he was married to? That’s what I thought…

As in: “…and 200 tons of Jordan Almonds have been delivered.
Weddings' worst favors.

Does anyone actually eat Jordan Almonds? Thankfully people have gotten a little more creative with their wedding favors nowadays.

As in: “It’s like a really snooty DoubleMint commercial.
Double the fun!

You say “DoubleMint gum” and you can immediately hear the jingle in your head. As for the twins reference…see a commercial from 1987…enough said.

As in: “To me you are the teacher in the Charlie Brown cartoon.
Seriously, I don't even know what you're talking about.

As in: “You look just like Tiger Woods.
Golf-ist, extraordinaire.

Except Tiger only wears baseball style hats, not ones like the Rastafarian inspired one Emily bought for Rory. Maybe if he’d worn a hat like Rory’s he wouldn’t have had so many women after him and all that scandal…but to Emily’s defense, when this episode aired, Tiger was at the peak of his career. It would be another 9 years before his infamous cheating scandal. At the time, I’m sure it would have been a compliment.

As in: “Hey the world was flat until someone took a boat trip.
He didn't go over the edge, after all.

Christopher Columbus, the guy who “discovered” America and is probably subsequently responsible for our current political climate. But you know, no hard feelings Chris. Read any elementary level history book on Columbus and you’ll probably hear all about how he sailed the ocean blue in 1492 all the way to the current USA, even though he was directionally challenged and thought he was landing in India. But I guess when you think the world is flat, you probably shouldn’t be navigating ships. Check out this Washington Post article with a few recommended reads about who Columbus really was.

As in: “How about a Polaroid?
Remember those?

Shake it like a Polaroid picture! Or not, because you were never actually supposed to shake the film, it didn’t speed up the process. Polaroid filed bankruptcy in 2008 and stopped producing instant cameras, but recently they’ve been popping back up. The film is a bit smaller, and still super expensive, but for those who are nostalgic about them they are still fun. You can buy your own here.

As in: While working in the kitchen
The girl can rock a hairstyle.

Sookie’s bandana is her trademark look. The pigtails are pretty common for her as well (see hair knots reference in the Pilot episode). But the multi-braid pigtails is a style only seen in this episode. And it’s so very Sookie, in that, somehow she pulls it off in a way that nobody else could.

As in: “Any particular place you’d like to go?”  “Hundreds of places: Paris, Rome, London, Prague, Istanbul, Fez.”
Rory Gilmore: World Traveler

So many countries on Rory’s list! It’s a lot like my own travel dream list. I’ve linked to each city’s tourism site so you can decide if they should be on your list, too! If you’ve already traveled to any of these, tell us about your own trips in the comment section.

As in: “When I graduate from high school we’re gonna go backpacking through Europe together. You know, do the whole hostel thing.
It was good she did it in her thirties.

Not an adventure I’ve personally ever had a hankering to take, but many youths love the idea of backpacking across Europe with their belongings strapped to them, staying in hostels – like a giant open dormitory – and exploring the world for a little money as possible. I would imagine it’s quite the experience, and as we learn much later in the series, one that actually happens for Rory and Lorelai. Here’s a guide you can read if you’re curious to do it yourself.

As in: “She took the house in Narragansett. She deserved it, putting up with that tramp all those years.
Beaches and beer!

Narragansett, Rhode Island. Known for its beaches and beer, and named for an Algonquian Native American tribe. It’s a fairly typical New England beach town, with historic charm and beautiful views. You should visit if you’re ever in the area.

As in: “I was attacked by a band of swans in the Luxembourg Gardens when I was a boy. No one forgets that.
Gardens fit for a queen.

The Luxembourg Gardens of Paris were created in 1612 for Queen Marie de Medici. We don’t often hear Michel recount many childhood memories from France. This one is interesting though because knowing how many more times we see swans pop up in GG, there must be some significance there for the creators or the writers. Thoughts?

21. N’SYNC
As in: “Oh, no, not being attacked by a band of swans. Was it an all-boy band? Kind of a scary, feathery, N’SYNC fiasco?
There was a lot of spiky hair happening.

Wishing at this moment that I had the photoshop skills to put N’SYNC’s faces on swan bodies, but alas, my graphic design skills are practically non-existent. In the 90s era of boy bands (because let’s not get mixed up with 80s group New Kids on the Block or current group One Direction) there was N’SYNC and there was Backstreet Boys. In my middle school hey day, I was a BSB fan and you couldn’t convince me to go over to the other side no matter what. My days of swooning over JT are subsequently non-existent, though I’ll still never understand why he’s more popular than that JC guy, the one with the better voice and hair. I mean, c’mon! Anyway, this PCR description is getting much too long, so I’m gonna have to say “Bye Bye Bye”.

As in: “Hey, Pepe Le Pew, you want to give me a hand with this?
Totally Odor-able.

Drella strikes again, calling Michel Pepe Le Pew, presumably because he’s french and tends towards annoying? The little romantic wannabe skunk Pepe was introduced via Looney Tunes in 1945, but he was called Odor-able Kitty then. The character is stereotypically Americanized french…perhaps the quip from Drella is a nod to Yanic Truesdale’s admittedly non-accurate french accent. Here’s a little clip of Pepe to jog your memory in case you’ve forgotten about him.

As in: “It’s a conspiracy. It’s Peyton Place.
High drama in the 60's.

I was aware of Peyton Place the television show before doing research, however, I’ve just learned that it is also a book and movie. Obviously a very popular story of scandal, murder, incest, and more – sounds a tad like everyone’s current favorite, Game of Thrones. The book was published in 1956, followed by the film in 1957, and the television show ran soap opera style with multiple episodes airing per week from 1964-1969. In the book and film, the story takes place in a fictional New England town post World War II, but the show was changed to modern times and set in Massachusetts.

As in: “Jackie wants Samuel Barber, John Cage and Philip Glass, and Jessica wants Shania Twain’s I Feel Like a Woman.
Well, that sounds like fun.

Barber, Cage, and Glass are all examples of American Classical music composers. While Shania is a pop-country singer of the 90s. Quite the contrast in styles, so not surprising the snobby twins are fighting over music styles for the band to play at their wedding. Thankfully for their mother, the band chooses to play some Sister Sledge at the reception, keeping her happy…or was that the cocktails?

As in: “I’m not a jukebox, lady.
So what should I do with this nickel..?

No Drella, you are not a large metal and wood box filled with records that you insert coins into to select the song you want to hear. But you can drop the ‘tude. I’m of the cassette tape and CD era growing up, so jukeboxes were not the norm, but also not foreign to me. I mean, I’ve seen Grease for pete’s sake. In our fast-paced society, I can’t imagine our smart-phone users having to choose one song at a time to add to the jukebox queue and hope you’re at the place you’re hanging out long enough to actually get to hear it.

As in: “What book is it?” “Mencken’s Chrestomathy” // “Not only did I find that copy of Mencken’s Chrestomathy we discussed I also found a first edition of his memoirs as well.
Sounds good to me!

I have not read this book, but after reading a summary of it, I now want to. And it seems like a good fit coming as a recommendation from Richard, who appreciates some good sass and wit. Buy it here and maybe we can start a book club? Oh, and here’s the memoir as well.

As in: “Morey was playing some Thelonious on the Steinway.
Morey had some chops.

Thelonious Monk was a 20th century composer and jazz musician. He is the second-most recorded jazz musician. The Steinway is Morey’s instrument of choice and how he often woos Babette.

As in: “You know what I was thinking?” “That Madonna and Sean Penn should get remarried?
Funny how that works.

Madonna – singer/dancer/actress – and Sean Penn – actor/producer/director – were married for four short years in the 1980s. Like many Hollywood couples, they didn’t last. And what’s crazy about this statement is that recently there have been rumours going around that they actually are back together! But as this Vanity Fair article speculates, it’s more likely for show to help Penn get out of a lawsuit. Let’s hope that a pregnant Sookie doesn’t get her hands on this article – she won’t know what to think!

As in: “You know, little white gloves and coming-out parties.
Diana Ross, she is not.

Coming out parties, a woman’s right of passage in the world of the rich and elite. Or more plainly, a symbol that you’re “of good breeding and marriageable age”. We’ll see more about these in season 2.

As in: “That makes some girls happy, right?” “Sure, yeah. If they’re on Prozac, absolutely.
Hey, whatever it takes.

You can learn more about this controversial drug here.

As in: “They just told me they’re going to share a condo in Tucson, Arizona. That’s hundreds of miles away.
Not close to Connecticut.

Welcome to Tucson. Population: 527,000 (2014). The city is located only 60 miles from the border of Mexico, which feels evident in the names of many Tucson neighborhoods and some landmarks.

As in: “Sister Sledge! Excuse me.
A true wedding standard.

Sister Sledge is a female singing group from the 70s and 80s. Their name is derived from the fact that they are four sisters whose last name is Sledge. One of the sisters, Kathy, left the group in 1989 to pursue a solo career. The others also recorded some solo material, but also continued to perform as Sister Sledge. These days there seems to be some bad blood between the sisters and Kathy, but the other three continue to perform, mainly for charity events and the like. “We Are Family” was by far their greatest hit. See the MUSIC section for more on this song!

39. MTV
As in: “In this age of MTV and 100 television channels who would have thought a girl could still get a thrill spending a simple afternoon with her grandfather?
Remember when they actually played videos?

Gilmore Girls takes place back in the era of MTV where they actually played music videos all the time, Real World was popular, and you rushed home from school everyday to watch TRL. I couldn’t even tell you what’s on MTV these day, but I’m going to guess it’s not those things. Maybe Real World, but really, how original can that possibly be at this point?

As in: “Now especially that the crack den has closed down on the corner all her really good friends are gone.
Not somewhere you really want to visit.

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“Teach Me Tonight” by By Sammy Cahn & Gene de Paul
As in: During wedding dance lesson scene.

“A Kiss to Build a Dream On” by Louis Armstrong
As in: Performed by wedding cover band

“We Are Family” by Sister Sledge
As in: The Twins’ wedding
Here is the official music video for “We Are Family” and a clip from The Birdcage, one of my favorite movies…

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