Gilmore Revisited aims to be the ultimate reference guide for all things Gilmore! …Well. All words Gilmore; we all know how quick and clever our beloved ladies are, and – let’s be honest – we’ve all spent some time laughing at jokes we don’t tooootally get. GR is here to solve this problem, once and for all!

Becky and Melissa met while working for a community theater group in the summer of 2005 (Becky’s the actress, Melissa’s the manager/stress-case). They hit it off, but only really stayed in touch via email (that’s life, right?) until early 2012, when they reconnected at a Valentine’s Party that Melissa hosted. (It was called “Cupcakes & Wine,” and it was pretty fabulous.) They’re now great friends – and they haven’t stopped talking about Gilmore Girls since.

Bio-Becky-HeadBecky is an Executive Assistant at a technology company by day and a hand-crafted jewelry entrepreneur by night. She was raised in Newington, Connecticut and moved amongst several central-Connecticut towns in her twenties until meeting her Luke (aka Chris, who helps the girls edit this blog) and moving to Oahu, Hawaii with him in June of 2012. After a few months living the tropical life, they relocated to Raleigh, NC where she currently resides and writes for this blog to the sound of frogs and ducks in her “backyard” pond. One of her favorite GG quotes is “Rory, you’re special.” “Like, ‘stop-eating-the-paste’ special?”.


Bio-MM-headMelissa is a proud New Haven, Connecticut-transplant (#nhv!) living in Boston, MA. She’s a nonprofit youth worker, currently working to help raise money for an organization that funds some pretty awesome people doing some pretty awesome work to ensure equity in education for kids all across the country. INFP, bit of a head-case, unapologetic font nerd. Known to occasionally work the odd line from GG into regular conversation. (…Okay, so it happens a lot.) She happily drinks a lot of coffee out of an “I Drink Like a Gilmore” mug that Becky gave her.


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