Welcome to Gilmore Revisited!

Welcome to Gilmore Revisited! A product of two fans who became friends and can find a Gilmore Girls quote for every moment of their lives.

Gilmore Revisited will take an in depth look at each episode of Gilmore Girls and break it down by every reference. The main focus will be on pop culture, with a little history and geography thrown in. It’ll be like attending the University of Gilmore, with a degree in wit and sarcasm!

This project started out as a jest between friends and quickly turned into an irresistible adventure. Both of us were surprised that for all the fans out there, all the Buzzfeed lists, and books, that no one had ever created a complete reference guide to a show with references out the wazoo. And with a whole new generation of GG fans since its initiation to Netflix, we felt that it was time for us to make an easily accessible guide to it all. Something to explain those quick-witted banters that no two real people could ever possibly spout off in their everyday conversations. An encyclopedia of Gilmore for all those one-liners that went over our heads.

And so we have Gilmore Revisited. (Kudos to those of you who figure out what inspired the name!) Follow along with us as we cover the ins and outs of inns, err, the ins and outs of every original episode of Gilmore Girls. We’ll even cover that dreaded season seven. And especially on our radar is counting down to the new revival episodes – thank you Netflix gods. We plan to cover the new mini-movies in real time when they air, as well as share news and informational tidbits about the revival as they come out in between the regular episode reference guides.

We hope those of you reading enjoy this project as much as we’ve enjoyed creating it and getting it started. Be on the lookout for the guide to the Pilot very soon!

Gilmore girls, we’ll be following where you lead, so Amy SP – if you’re reading this, don’t let us down the second time around!


Becky & Melissa